The name ‘Mocha Choco Latte’ is inspired by the three divas from the Moulin Rouge who made this song famous amongst a whole new generation. It inspires the mood of the music we play, and reflects the three distinct flavours of the vocalists….

The “Mocha” flavour is Marie Thomson, or “Ree” as she’s known in the ‘biz’ and is a relative newcomer to Mocha Choco Latte but not to being in front of a crowd. With musical influences ranging from old school rock n roll and jazz to Hip Hop, classical, theatre and blues – it’s no wonder why Ree is our new Mocha with such an eclectic blend of styles.

The “Choco” flavour comes from Fiona Buchet, the white girl with Jamaican ancestry (yes, Jamaican – check out the hair) whose voice has the edge to carry hits by P!nk, and the soul to sing the likes of Joss Stone. Fi belts out the old motown hits by Aretha Franklin and Phoebe Snow, right through to today’s nu-soul artists including Amy Winehouse and Alice Russell.

Finally, the “Latte” flavour is introduced to the mix by Debra Rock-Evans, whose passion for all things 70’s, 80’s and 90’s pop and rock sees her crack out the timeless classics by artists such as the Eurythmics, Prince (what a legend), the B52’s and Michael Jackson as well as modern favourites such as Bruno Mars and Maroon 5. Debs infectious presence and fun energy will get you moving on the dance floor in no time.

The funky rhythm section has Kerry Davis on bass and Joe Moe on drums, and the new grooves of Matt Fitzpatrick on lead guitar. With a over 50 years combined experience and more than 1000+ gigs between them, this tight little band of brothers can keep the pace up for hours.